This online tool will take you through questions intended to help you check the various elements of your non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Please note that NDAs may be used in a variety of circumstances and determining whether and how to use them may involve a nuanced balance of judgement. Accordingly, please be aware that the low, medium or high risk outcome indicators and commentary provided by this tool are necessarily limited, intended as guidance only, do not constitute legal advice and the final report produced will not constitute legally privileged advice. Further advice or investigation beyond this tool may therefore be required to determine the appropriate approach in the particular circumstances of your case.

This tool should not be used as a substitute for ensuring familiarity with your legal, professional, regulatory and ethical obligations in the particular circumstances. Further, whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this tool, we cannot guarantee that the relevant law and guidance has not changed since the time of publication and the user is cautioned accordingly. If you would like to discuss the particular circumstances of your NDA issue, or any other questions arising from this tool we would be happy to help. Please contact one of our experts so that confidential legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances can be provided.